Ford F150 4×4 Actuator Problems [Main Causes Explained]

Ford F150 4x4 Actuator

Does the Ford F150 have actuator problems? Well, it turns out that one of the most common issues with Ford F150s is actuator problems. In this article, I will be talking a bit more about this and any possible fixes for this issue.

Over the years, Ford has designed a number of actuators for use in their F150 trucks. Over this time period, the actuator design has evolved tremendously with material upgrades, faster operation speeds, increased durability, and smarter control systems. However, with better design comes increasingly complex parts.

What Causes a Four-Wheel Drive Actuator To Go Out?

Ford F150 owners are often faced with actuator problems. A four-wheel drive actuator is part of a car’s transfer case, which is responsible for controlling the front or rear axle’s power to each wheel.

If your four-wheel drive system is not working properly, you may notice that it has trouble transferring power to one or both axles. In most cases, this problem can be traced back to the actuator itself. Here are some common causes of F150 actuator problems:

  1. Clogged oil passages – The oil passages in your transfer case are used to lubricate and cool the gears inside it. If these passageways become clogged with dirt and debris from driving on unpaved roads, it can cause excess friction and heat build-up within the transfer case. This can eventually lead to damage or failure of parts within the unit.
  2. Excessively worn gears – The gears inside an F150s transfer case don’t last forever; they will eventually wear out over time if you’re driving off-road regularly or frequently engaging 4×4 mode for long periods of time without shifting into neutral first (which helps slow down wear.

There are several factors that could lead to problems with four-wheel drive actuators. The problem could either be mechanical or electrical. The cause could be a faulty switch or a wire that is corroded.

Alternatively, it could be because of a faulty transfer case. Proper diagnosis will need to be done in order to pinpoint the problem and rectify it.

How Do You Fix a Ford F150 Four-Wheel Drive Actuator?

Replacing the actuator is not a difficult job you can do it yourself with a few hand tools and some patience. Here’s how:

  1. Locate the 4-wheel drive actuator under your truck’s hood near the transfer case. It has two levers on top of it one for low range and one for high range and two cables in front of it (one cable per lever).
  2. Unscrew all four bolts holding down this assembly with an 8mm socket wrench and remove it from under the hood of your truck. You may need to disconnect one or more electrical connectors before removing this assembly completely from its mountings on top of your transfer case housing assembly. They may also get stuck in place with corrosion or dirt buildup over time since they’re exposed directly underneath.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a 4×4 Actuator on a Ford F150?

The cost of replacing a faulty Ford F150 4×4 actuator depends on the type of actuator you choose to purchase, as well as where you purchase it.

For example, if you decide to replace your faulty 4×4 actuator yourself, you’ll need to purchase a new one and then take apart your truck’s old actuator in order to install the new one.

This will require some tools, including a wrench set and socket set. You’ll also need access to a vehicle lift or jacks in order to raise your truck high enough for you to get underneath it.

If you decide to hire a mechanic or technician, on the other hand, they will likely charge by the hour for their time so if they charge $100 per hour and spend 2 hours replacing the faulty actuator, that would cost $200 for labor plus the cost of parts.


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