P0022 ford f150 [Everything You Need to Know]

f150 p0022 code

If you own a Ford F150 then you might have come across the error code P0022. This will cause the Check Engine Light to come on and can also cause symptoms such as no-start, stalling, engine light, rough idle or any other error codes that your vehicle might throw at you.

In the rest of this blog post, I will tell you the possible causes, fixes, and more, Read on.

What does the P0022 Code Mean on an f150?

The P0022 code is a generic OBD-II code that indicates the Engine Control Module (ECM) has detected a fault with the Crankshaft Position Sensor.

The crankshaft position sensor is a small magnet mounted on the front of the engine and connected to the flywheel by a drive belt.

The ECM uses this signal to provide information on how fast and how far the engine has rotated. It then uses this information to control spark timing, fuel injection, and other important functions.

When this code appears, it means that your engine may not be getting enough fuel or spark. The fault will likely cause your vehicle to stall and not restart until the issue has been resolved.

What Causes P0022 on Ford f150?

There are many causes of p0022 on ford f150. Here, I will show you 3 possible causes of the p0022:

  •  The most common one is low oil pressure. If you have a Ford F-150 and your engine oil pressure is low, this could cause the code to be triggered. In addition, if you are driving a truck with an automatic transmission, you may see a blinking check engine light as well as a P0022 code.
  •  Another common cause of this code on Ford vehicles in dirty engine oil that can clog up the filters and restrict airflow through your engine. In some cases, sludge can build up inside the engine which restricts airflow through your engine and causes it to misfire.
  • Other common causes include worn-out spark plugs or coil packs which may not provide enough voltage for proper ignition in each cylinder when they’re supposed to be firing at just the right time. In some cases, an injector might be defective or broken so it doesn’t fire at all when triggered by the computer.

How do I fix code P0022?

There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot code P0022.

  1.  The initial step is to clear the error codes and do a road test. It’s critical to note that if the code appears again, it could signify a larger problem.
  2.  Check for error codes first if you have access to an OBD-II scanner. If the code does not appear after resetting it, change your oil and filter with the correct oil gluiness for the engine. This will help ensure that there aren’t any contaminants in your oil that could be causing problems with your engine.
  3.  You can also check for oil leaks and make sure everything is tight on your vehicle as well as check all hoses and belts for any signs of damage or wear.
  4.  If none of these solutions resolve your issue, you might need to replace or repair the wiring that connects the camshaft oil control valve (OCV).

Where to fix code p0022?

If you have a Ford vehicle, and you get a P0022 error code, then the easiest and most effective way to fix this problem is by taking your car to a local shop.

The reason why this is the best option is that they will be able to inspect your vehicle and find out what exactly is wrong with it.

Even if they don’t have the part in stock, they can order one for you and install it right away.
Also, if there are other issues with your car that need to be repaired, then bringing it into the shop will allow them to take care of everything at once.

How much does it cost to fix code P0022?

The cost of repairing code p0022 will vary depending on where you live and what kind of vehicle you have but on average, expect to pay somewhere between $75-$150 for this repair.

There are several factors that can affect the cost of this repair. The most important factor is your location. For example, if you live in California or New York and have an Audi or BMW, you’re going to pay more than someone who lives in a rural area with a Honda Civic.


Now you have a better understanding of what a P0022 code is and how it can be repaired, you can take proper steps to ensure that this does not happen again. With these tips in mind, you can prevent getting the same code again.
Finally, make sure to get regular checkups on your vehicle to ensure that there are no issues that may cause your check engine light to come back on.

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