Ford F150 Gas Tank Size [Everything You Need to Know]

ford f150 Gas tank size

Ford F-150 Gas Tank Size Gas tank size is an extremely interesting topic for truck owners. We all want to know the amount of fuel our trucks carry, and this information can vary a lot between four-wheel-drive trucks and even between model years. Below I have compiled some great information about the Ford F150 gas tank sizes.

How Big is a Gas Tank in an F150?

In short, The Ford F150 gas tank is between 23 gallons and 36 gallons depending on the trim and the drivetrain configuration for example a 2022 Ford f150 King Ranch 2WD has a gas tank size of 26 gallons whereas a 2022 Raptor 4WD SuperCrew 5.5 gas tank size is 36 gallons.

The fuel capacity of a car’s gas tank can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the size of the engine and whether you’re driving an automatic or manual transmission. The average gas tank size for most cars is between 13 and 15 gallons, but some newer models boast tanks that are up to 19 gallons or more.

How many gallons of gas does a Ford F 150 hold?

Ford F-150 has a fuel capacity of 23 to 36 gallons, the 23 gallons can hold up to 87 Liters of fuel, while the 36 can hold up to 136 liters of fuel. This is true for different models and trims. The amount of gas you can put in your tank is determined by its size. The more gas a tank can store, the larger it is. A larger fuel storage tank will allow you to drive longer distances before needing to refuel.

How do I know if my F150 has a 36-gallon tank?

Crawling underneath your F150 and checking the fuel tank is the simplest way to determine whether it has a 36-gallon capacity. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a label or sticker on the underside of the vehicle.

If not, you’ll need some other information. Another step is to look at your vehicle’s title or registration paperwork. If there’s a VIN number listed on the document, then you can use this guide from Ford to find out what options were available for your truck.

Lastly, look at your doorjamb sticker, which will provide all pertinent information about your truck other than the fuel capacity.

How far can a Ford f150 go on a full tank?

A Ford F-150 with a 23-gallon tank can typically travel 460 miles. While Ford F-150 with a 36 gallon will go range over 600 miles.

Your driving habits, such as how hard you accelerate and brake, how frequently you speed up and slow down, and how much time you spend idling all affect the mileage your vehicle gets per gallon (or liter) of fuel.

The type of fuel you use also affects the mileage your vehicle gets per gallon. For example, if your car is designed to run on regular unleaded gasoline but instead uses premium unleaded gasoline, it will get better gas mileage.

However, premium gasoline costs more than regular unleaded gasoline so this would not be an economical choice for most people who want to save money on fuel costs.

Ford F150 Gas Tank Size (2010-2022)

The ford 2010-2022 comes in different tank size. The tank capacity is the amount of fuel that can be held in the gas tank. The capacity of a gas tank for the F150 depends on trim level, model options and model year. See the table below:

Ford F150 YearFord Gas Tank Size
Ford F150 201023.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 201123.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 201223.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 201323.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 201423.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 201523 gallons
Ford F150 201623 gallons
Ford F150 201723.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 201823.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 201923.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 202023.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 202123.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons
Ford F150 202223.0 gallons and 36.0 gallons

How much does it cost to fill up an f150 gas tank?

The average cost to fill up a Ford F-150 gas tank is $96.37 -150.804, depending on the tank size. The ford F-150 comes with two different tanks.

The average price of gas in the U.S. is $4.189 per gallon, which means it would take approximately 23-36 gallons of gas to fill an F-150’s tank depending on the tank size. The price of gasoline varies depending on where you are, so the exact cost of filling your F-150 can vary significantly depending on where you live.

Closing Thoughts

A lot of people that are trying to get a Ford F150 for the first time may not know how big a gas tank is in an F150. It’s important to know these things so you won’t buy a truck that doesn’t have enough gas to last you very long before you have to fill it up again.

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