Ford f150 Transmission Problems (Common Issues Solved!)

f150 transmission problems

Does the Ford F150 have transmission problems? Based on its history as a bestselling pickup truck spanning almost 5 decades, it’s difficult to imagine that the Ford F150 would have issues.

In this post, we are going to explore the known issue with the transmission in the Ford F150. Though it has enjoyed an illustrious history, the Ford F150 has faced some transmission problems in its otherwise flawless history.

In short, The F150 has had transmission issues in vehicles made between 2011 to 2013 and 2017 to 2020. The transmission that has had issues is primarily the 10 speed 10R80 automatic transmission. It would make a harsh gear shift that was sometimes so violent they caused whiplash.

This led to a class lawsuit being filed against Ford in June of 2021.

Do Ford F-150s Have Transmission Problems?

For the most part, the Ford F150 has not had any significant issues with its transmission.  It has enjoyed a good history in that regard.

Not to say that it has not had any other issues but, by and large, transmission problems have not been counted among them. However, the 2011 to 2013 model years and more significantly, the 2017 to 2020 models have recorded some pretty significant issues.

The main problem has been the 10-speed 10R80 transmission. This transmission has the ability to skip gears which makes it very fuel-efficient.

Unfortunately, this innovative feature has also been the main culprit when it comes to transmission issues. When this gear skipping feature malfunctions, it leads to harsh gear shifts.

Naturally, this has led to some scary situations that threatened the driver’s and passenger’s safety. This transmission runs on several other Ford models and not just the F-150 and so you can imagine why Ford has been reluctant to recall it. Such an action would result in millions of vehicles being recalled.

What are the signs your transmission is going out?

How can you recognize whether your Ford F150 has transmission problems? Well, there are several indicators that point to transmission problems. One such sign is when you experience grinding and shaking.

The other issue will also be leaking fluid transmission fluid that you will notice when you park your car for extended periods. If you see this in conjunction with erratic shifting in the gears, then it’s a good indicator that your transmission has problems.

Another huge sign is when your transmission struggles to switch gears or holds on to gears for too long without shifting to the next one.

When this happens continuously, you more than likely have transmission problems. If there is a burning smell when driving, you may also have problems with the transmission. Other signs are slipping gears, checking engine lights and noises when your car is in neutral.

Is there a Recall on Ford F-150 Transmission?

After the class action lawsuit was filed, Ford recalled the 2017 – 2018 Ford F150 that have the 10- speed automatic transmission.

If you were wondering whether the cost of fixing recalled vehicles was on you, the answer is no. Ford fixes all recalled vehicles for free.

Technically speaking, recalls do not expire. However, they do have a reasonable period clause that only honours the recall within a reasonable time frame. Just make sure you don’t wait too long such that the parts are no longer being made, for example.

How Much is it to Replace a Transmission on a Ford F-150?

If you want to replace the transmission on a Ford F150, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1650 to $3300. It all depends on your location and the availability of the necessary parts in your area.

If the components are being shipped from another state or a totally different country, then you can expect to spend a lot more money in such a situation. Mechanics will also charge differently based on where you are located.

How long does an F150 transmission last?

On average, you can expect for your Ford F150 transmission to last anywhere between 150,000 miles to 200,000 miles. The overall maintenance of your vehicle and your driving style will play a great role in how long your transmission will last.

Naturally, if you put your truck through challenging situations like frequent off-roading, there is a higher likelihood of your transmission acting up.

Conclusion on  Ford F150 Transmission Issues

For the most part, you will not have problems with the transmission of your Ford F150 truck. They are built pretty toughly and live up to the “Ford Tough” mantra. If you have the 10-speed 10R80 automatic transmission, you may face this problem but not in all cases.


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