Ford F150 Years to Avoid (Best and Worst Models)

f150 pickup years to avoid

In this post, we will look at the Ford F150 years to avoid. The F150 is a staple to the American way of life and I will not lie I have considered getting one myself.

The modern version has such an attractive look and performance who would not want to break the bank and purchase even a pre-owned one. However, not all F150s were made equal and I did a look into the years of the Ford F150 best avoided.

Ford f150 Years to Avoid

Ford F150 is generally a great and reliable vehicle to own, besides this fact, there are some years since it has produced some problematic cars in the recent past. The years 2004 – 2006, 2010, 2015 – 2017 are the production years best avoided if you are looking to purchase an F150.

The Background of the Ford F150

The Ford F150 dates as far back as the 1940s, with the current iteration of vehicles being the thirteenth generation. The truck boasted a lot of new technologies in each successive generation.

From fuel economy, radio, to aerodynamics it has been a popular American truck for decades. The 1980s saw a lot of interesting changes to the F150 such as the introduction of diesel trucks and electronic fuel injection, with this innovation stuck to the F150 until to date.

Generations later and the F150 is still innovating. The Tenth generation saw the introduction of the V6 engine and a new chassis, also part of it was the inclusion of the SuperCab, which was the four-door version of the F150.

Successive iterations have gotten more sophisticated and complex, including Adaptive Cruise Control, radar and proximity sensors, and EcoBoost.

The innovation and creativity that has gone into the F150 have kept it as the top-performing, best-in-class looking, and fuel-efficient truck on the market. Regardless of this fact some years in its production are not without fault and are best avoided.

F150 Problem Years

The 2004 – 2006 Ford F150

These vehicles fall into the eleventh generation of Ford F150s. The major problems with these years were safety concerns that resulted in 2005 being recalled. The airbags had a tendency to deploy by themselves, which posed a major security risk to drivers.

The gas tanks straps would corrode and you would sometimes find the fuel tank dragging below the chassis of your car. This series also had faulty spark plugs and power windows. Which meant very costly fixes as they could cause serious engine damage without the owner being aware until it was too late.

The 2010 Ford F150

Start with something as simple as a faulty rear camera when the car was backing up, which was an indication that the My Ford Touch Screen system still had some kinks to work out.

This is after a series of faultless dependable cars. The sparks plugs in this one have also been an issue like in the other previous version and would even cause the car to misfire and sometimes refuse to start. The year also had poor transmission and a faulty sensory system.

The 2015 – 2017 Ford F150

Earlier versions of this current generation were not without their growing pains. From transmission issues and gear shifting problems to failing brakes.

Challenges were more apparent when the car was carrying heavy loads. These would put a strain on the system and make obvious any minor issues. The door of this particular year of the F150 had a problem with the mechanics too.

The Most Reliable Ford F150

The most reliable in the Ford F150 years is the ninth generation. From 1992-1996 these years report the least number of customer complaints and the best all in all performance record.

1996 is the stand out really. In its first 100 000 miles, there is barely any mention of issues with it. The track record with the F150 is that its car lasts 900 000 miles with good service and maintenance.

Final Thoughts on F150 Years to Avoid

Considering other truck manufacturers the Ford is the most reliable and factoring in the F150 it is the most dependable.

The vehicles will last you a very long time but you cannot overlook the bad years that as a purchaser you would best avoid.

They are as bad as you might find from other brands but for the F150 they are best overlooked in favor of the better performing and durable options the F150 has to offer. And if 1996 is a little too old for your taste 2018 is also another masterpiece of engineering and performance.

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