Are F150s Reliable? (Reliability Data Explained)

ford f150 pickup reliability

The Ford F150 is the most popular pickup truck for a multitude of reasons. It is known to be built tough and powerful, with the recent models being luxurious as well. However, are Ford F150s reliable?

The answer is yes, the f150s are reliable. These trucks have good reliability ratings and they can last for hundreds of thousands of miles before needing a major overhaul.

Some models do have a lot of engine problems and those are to be avoided. The following’s a deeper dive into the F150’s reliability:

Ford F-150 Reliability Data

I begin by looking at some of the reliability stats of the F150.

JD Power F150

Let’s look at what JD Power has given the F150 for the past 5 years. The 2022 model’s reliability rating of 77 out of 100 which puts it as average.

Last year’s model got the same rating as well. The 2020 and 2019 models did a lot better as they both got an 86 out of 100, which puts their reliability as great. The 2018 model got an average rating of 74/100. The 2017 model got an 84 which again puts it as great.

Repair Pal

If we look at the repair site Repair Pal’s data, they give the F150 a rating of 3.5 out of 5.0. According to them, the truck ranks in 17th place amongst all other pickups. Their data indicates that you’ll be paying an average of $788 to maintain your F150.

What problems do Ford F 150 have?

So, which issues have plagued F150 owners over the years? There are a number of them but most of them are related to the engine.

Bad spark plugs, engine stalls, and loud engine noises are some common ones. Some model years have been affected with transmission problems as well.

You just need to look at the number of complaints about each model on Car Complaints. These trucks have more than 5700 complaints lodged by their owners on the site.

This is the most for any Ford model with the Focus being second with 5179 complaints. You can also head onto the NHTSA website to check the complaints and the recall history for the F150 model you’re interested in.

What Years are Considered Good for the f150s?

Now, this depends on what you’re looking for: features or reliability. If we look at the features of the trucks, then the 2012 and 2018 models make it to the top ten.

However, both of these models have received a lot of complaints and they’ve been recalled as well. In terms of reliability and ease of owning, the 2013-15 and 2020 F150 models are the best ones from recent years.

Just make sure that the truck in question has been maintained in a proper manner. If you’re looking for a classic F150 truck, then the 1993 model will do just fine. On paper, it is the most reliable F150 model out there. Yes, you should expect one to have hundreds of thousands of miles on it though.

If you want to have a pain-free owning experience, then you can choose from a bunch of different models, despite their flaws. But you should definitely avoid 2004, 2012, and 2018 Ford F150 models.

These trucks have been riddled with complaints and/or recalls. The 2004 model is infamous for its engine failures and its fuel tank falling out.

The 2012 model is bad because of its transmission and power loss issues. The 2018 model makes it here as it is a truck with many reported problems (and more costly ones) at lower mileages. They’ll be a nightmare to own even today.

Is 100k miles a lot for an F150?

Not if it is around 8 years old. If the model year is less than that, then you may have to be a bit more skeptical. If it is older than 8 years, then you shouldn’t have a problem because these trucks don’t really fail before 150k miles.

You’ll see many decades-old F150 trucks running without any problems and doing what they’re supposed to do on the road.

Conclusion: Are Ford F150s Reliable?

Yes, they are. They’ve got good reliability ratings and a great reputation for a reason. The majority of the complaints that you’ll see for them are about rudimentary issues.

Talk to anyone who’s maintained a fleet of them and they’ll tell you that these trucks are reliable. Sure, some models are expensive to own but that’s about it. You just need to have a keen eye when inspecting the truck before buying it.


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