No MyKey Option In Settings (What You Need to Know)

No MyKey Option In Settings

Are you having issues with the MyKey option in your Ford, particularly it not showing up? Well, you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to be looking into why you may be facing this particular issue.

To get a good understanding of this issue, it is necessary to have an appreciation of how exactly the MyKey function works and what it’s intended to do. Having understood this, you will then understand why you are not seeing the MyKey option.

Simply put, the MyKey system is for limiting access to certain functions and features in your Ford in the event you want to give your car to your teenage children.

MyKey, among other things, comes with features like warning sounds when the seatbelt is not worn while the engine is running.

You can also choose to limit the speed of the vehicle to below a certain point and limit volume for obvious reasons. MyKey mode requires a different key for it to activate.

To deactivate it though, you will need the main key. If you are not seeing the MyKey option is not displayed, it means that you are actually in MyKey mode with limited functionality.

Why Am I Not Seeing the MyKey Option?

The main reason that you will most likely not be seeing the MyKey option coming p is that you are most likely in it. There is no reason to show it when it is in this mode.

The reason for having this option in the first place is to prevent the restricted person from accessing the main features. Only the person with the main key will be able to access, activate and deactivate the MyKey option.

If you are having challenges accessing MyKey, check to see whether you are using the main key. In unique situations, people buy used vehicles and get the restricted key and not the main key.

If you are finding that your car cannot go over a particular speed limit or the radio will not switch on before you buckle up or the safety features are switched on by default all the time, there is a high likelihood that you are in the MyKey limited Mode.

Can I Get a Replacement Key?

Are you able to get a replacement main key and possibly deactivate MyKey mode? The answer is yes but you will need to spend between $80 to $160 for a set of 2 replacement keys and another $40 to get them programmed.

You can get this done through a Ford dealership or any other company that can program keys. This is just about the only way to get things working properly again.

There are several places where you can get replacement keys online including Amazon and eBay. I will have to warn you though if you are thinking of buying from Amazon or eBay that you run the risk of buying a product that is most likely very low quality.

Make sure that you take the time to look at the product reviews as well as some more background research on the brand before buying. If there isn’t enough information on it, you are better served looking for something that has a better track record.

How Do I Clear Ford MyKey Settings?

the Ford MyKey settings, the process is pretty simple. First, go to settings. Under settings, select MyKey option. Next up, select “clear MyKey” and then hold down the OK button until you see a message saying that all MyKeys have cleared.

Does Disconnecting The Battery Reset MyKey?

When push comes to shove, a good old hard reset should be able to clear all your MyKey settings. In order to carry this out, open your hood and disconnect your battery terminals.

Leave for about 30 minutes to 2 hours to allow all the current to completely drain. Reconnect your terminals and check to see if MyKey restrictions have cleared. In the event that they haven’t, you will need to try some of the other methods that we will discuss next.

How do I Clear MyKey on OBD2?

For this method, you will need an OBD2 reader and a windows laptop computer. Connect the OBD2 scanner to your car and then to the computer. Run a KOER test all the way to 100%. While the engine is running, wrap the key in aluminum foil. When the KOER test is complete, stop the engine. This process should clear the MyKey settings.

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