Ford fx4 Package [What is Included Explained!]

ford fx4 package

If you buy a new fx4 package from Ford, you can always say: “Yes, I’ve bought my car because of great practical and useful features in it.” Seriously, there is no better feeling than buying a car with so many functions that can simplify and improve your life. In the rest of this blog post, I will tell you all you need to know about the fx4 package. Keep reading.

What is fx4 Package?

The FX4 package is a special package that Ford has been offering on F-150 trucks since the early 2000s. The package was designed to give truck owners an option that was more off-road capable than a regular F-150.

It included a number of upgrades including different tires, improved shocks, skid plates, and some other equipment. The FX4 package has been available for several years now but it’s not something you can buy on any F-150 you’d like. Instead, it’s only available on certain trim levels of the truck.

What does FX4 mean on a Ford truck?

Ford has been using the FX4 designation since the 2000s. The most typical reason for an FX4 classification on a more recent Ford truck is that it implies that the truck has been specially modified for off-roading use.

The term “off-road” in this case doesn’t mean that the vehicle is designed to be driven through mud and dirt, but rather that it’s capable of handling such conditions if needed.

In general, if you see the FX4 designation on your Ford truck’s window sticker or elsewhere in its documentation, it means that you have purchased a rugged off-road vehicle.

What does the Ford FX4 package include?

The Ford FX4 package is a cosmetic package that adds some unique exterior styling cues and some extra creature comforts. The FX4 package is available on the F-150 King Ranch and the F 150 XLT and Platinum trim levels among other models. The FX4 package includes

  • Skid plates
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Improved shocks
  • Improved suspension
  • The tough tray-style floor liner
  • locking rear differential along with four-wheel drive

The FX4 package also has its own unique front grille design that gives it a more rugged look than the standard model. This trim level is meant to handle any type of off-roading you can throw at it.

How much does this package cost?

The Ford f150 FX4 package costs around $1,000 to $1,200. This price tag is only for the additional features on your truck.

The Ford FX4 package is a great option for anyone who wants to add some style to their vehicle without sacrificing comfort or ease of use. The package also comes with some useful features that are sure to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

Is the Ford FX4 package worth it?

If you’re looking to add some off-road capability to your Ford F-150, the FX4 package is a great place to start. The beefy tires and skid plates make it more capable in the dirt, while the electronic locking rear differential and electronic limited-slip front differential keep you moving through snow and mud.

You also get hill descent control (Assist), which helps when you’re going down steep grades or off-camber terrain. And if you want extra traction on wet or snowy roads, there’s an intelligent traction control system that can cut engine power when needed.

However, if you’re looking for high-performance off-roading capabilities (like those found in trucks like Jeep Wranglers), this isn’t your car. The FX4 package is designed more for utility than performance — it’s meant to be a daily driver but also capable enough to handle some tougher terrain when needed.

Does FX4 sit higher?

No. there is no additional height added and the ground clearance remains the same as a standard F150. The suspension is tuned for comfort and off-road performance, not to create a raised ride height.

If you’re looking for more ground clearance or more off-road capabilities, then you would need to go with something like the Raptor or SVT Lightning models which have more aggressive suspensions designed for off-roading.

What is the difference between FX4 and sport?

The Ford F-150 Sport and FX4 are two different trim levels available for the F-150. Sport is a more expensive option that includes a number of sporty features, while FX4 is a less expensive model with special off-road capabilities.

The Sport package includes unique badging and trim, as well as upgrades on the interior and exterior. The package also adds Body-Color Bumpers, Body-Color Front Fascia Wheel Lip Moldings, and other luxury touches.

The FX4 model has an all-terrain look to it, with blacked-out trim and underbody protection. It also comes with special suspension components that make it easier to drive through rough terrain or off-road conditions.

Closing Thoughts

Ford is well known for its trucks, and its F-Series truck line has managed to consistently provide some of the best vehicles in the industry. When it comes to the F-150 FX4 package, you’ll get everything you’re looking for in a Ford Pickup.


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