Ford f150 Window Sticker [How to Get One]

my ford f150 window sticker

If you are buying a brand new Ford F150 or any other vehicle for that matter, it will usually come with a window sticker that shows information about the car you are buying. This information includes the trim level, price of the car, fuel economy, type of transmission as well as several other features of the vehicle.

You will be familiar with them at dealerships that sell brand new Ford F150s. Unfortunately though, when you purchase your vehicle or somewhere thereafter, the window sticker usually gets lost. Is there a way of getting this window sticker when this happens?

That’s the question we will be looking into in this article and I hope to give you a satisfactory answer by the time you are done reading this post.

How to Get Your Ford Window Sticker?

Why would anyone want the window sticker though? Well, there are various reasons ranging from what their specific car has to offer or simply wanting the window sticker for sentimental reasons.

Whatever the reason may be, we will be exploring the various ways of getting that window sticker in your hands. If you happen to lose your window sticker, the natural place to look for it would be at a Ford dealership.

Window stickers are generated at the time of manufacture and records are kept at Ford. If you wish to get a copy of it, you can obtain it from the Ford Show Parts website at

Be in mind that you will not be getting it for free. You will be paying a fee to obtain a copy. If you don’t wish to use the website, you can call them in the United States at 0800-367-3788.

Please note that this service can only be used for vehicles from 2007 onwards but not those from earlier. There are also alternative websites that you can check out as well.

One of the popular ones is The great thing about this particular website is that it’s free. All you have to do is enter your VIN number and phone number for verification purposes.

Once you complete that process, the window sticker will be fetched and you can download it. Where Is My Window Sticker F150?

When you purchase your Ford F150 brand new, you can get your window sticker if you ask for it. They will not always give it outright.

The problem may arise in the event that you buy your truck used. If you are fortunate, the previous owner will have saved it and you can ask for it. In most cases though, people sell the trucks to dealers who don’t have to ask for the window sticker and eventually sell it on to the next buyer.

In such scenarios, you can go to the websites we spoke about earlier in this article to get the window sticker. Some people, however, want the original or original copy of the window sticker.

If that is you, you have 2 options. Option one is to go to the dealership that sold you your vehicle and ask if they can contact the seller on your behalf regarding the window sticker if they still have it.

If they are willing to give you the seller’s contact details, they can contact them on your behalf. Option two is to visit a Ford dealership and ask that they give you a copy of the window sticker. Be prepared to supply information like ID, proof of ownership, and VIN.

Can You Look up Ford Window Sticker by VIN?

The answer is yes. You can look up your window sticker using your VIN. One of the places where you can get your window sticker using your VIN is

In fact, that’s all you need to enter and the website will look up your window sticker. You could also find several other places where you can get your window sticker using the VIN. Do a Google search and several options will pop up.

The VIN is a 17-character code that’s found on your car’s title and registration. It tells you exactly what type of vehicle you have, where and when it was built, and some other important details

Can You Get a build sheet from Ford by VIN number?

You can get a build sheet from Ford by VIN number. The build sheet tells you when your vehicle was built, who built it, what options were installed, and more.

To get your vehicle’s build sheet, go to Ford’s website and click on the “Build & Price” button. On the next page, enter your VIN number and select “Get Build Sheet” from the dropdown menu next to “Vehicle Information.” You’ll need to provide some personal information before you can access your vehicle’s build sheet.

This includes your name, email address, and phone number. If you’re having trouble getting through, try calling Ford at 800-392-3673

How do you read a Ford window sticker?

There’s a lot of information on the window sticker of your car, and it’s usually in a strange order. Here’s how to read a Ford window sticker:

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The first piece of information on the sticker is the vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN can be used to identify your vehicle if you need to call customer service or report an accident. It also identifies your car as being built by Ford Motor Company.

Model Year

The next piece of information is the model year, which tells you when your car was built. For example, “The model Year 2022” means that your car was built in 2022, from January 2021 through December 2022.

If you read this as “2022 Model Year,” then you’re wrong.

Engine Displacement (ECB) / Engine Size (ECB)

The engine displacement (ECB) / engine size (ECB) is measured in cubic inches for gasoline engines and liters for diesel engines. This tells you how big the engine is inside your car. Etc

How to Get a Replacement Window Sticker for Your Ford

If you need to get a replacement window sticker for your Ford, it’s easy to do so. Here’s how: First, get in touch with your local dealership.

They will be able to help you request a replacement copy of the window sticker for your vehicle. Second, provide them with information about your vehicle such as its VIN number, mileage, and color so they can find it quickly.

If you don’t have all this information handy, don’t worry they’ll be able to look up your vehicle number online and get all the details they need.

You will also need to provide them with proof of ownership such as an insurance card or registration card showing your name on it. This way they know that they’re giving out accurate information when they issue you a new copy of your window sticker.


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