Lariat Sport Appearance Package [Whats Included Explained]

ford f150 lariat sport package

What exactly is the Lariat Sport appearance package? In this post we will be explaining it to you in a manner we hope is simple and straightforward. The Lariat Sport Appearance Package is a pretty cool option for Ford F-150 buyers.

It adds some sporty touches to your truck without making it look like it’s trying too hard, and you can even get LED headlights with it if you want them. But how does it work? What does the Lariat Sport Appearance Package include? And should you buy one for yourself? In this article, I’ll answer all those questions and more.

What is the Lariat Sport Appearance Package?

The Lariat Sport Appearance Package is a package that includes a number of features. It’s available on the Lariat trim level (but not on King Ranch or Platinum), and it’s not available on SuperCrew cabs. As the name states, this option is a package that gives your Ford F150 Lariat a sportier look without necessarily adding to its performance.

Ford Lariat Package Includes the Following:

  • Chrome grille with “Lariat” badge
  •  17-inch or 19-inch alloy wheels with all-season tires
  • Black chrome headlamp bezels (chrome arrows on the grille) and tail lamp bezels
  • Chrome mirror caps, door handles, and window trim

The Lariat Sport Appearance Package does not include any other appearance items that may have been previously ordered or installed at a Ford dealership.

For example, if you have already ordered or installed a special edition package such as the Ford Performance Canyon Premium Pack (or any other custom appearance package), it will not be included in your order for free. Instead, you would need to choose one of their standard packages or individual parts from the catalogs for those items.

If you’re looking for a more fun-looking and exciting truck, driving experience, then the Lariat Sport Appearance Package may be right for you. It gives your truck a sportier look.

Does Ford Lariat Sport Package Include LED Headlights?

The Lariat Sport Appearance Package does not include LED headlights. However, they are available as an option for your new truck. If you choose to add them, you will receive a brighter and more energy-efficient light source than you would with regular headlights.

You should also know that the use of HID lighting (also known as “Xenon” or “HID”) is illegal in most areas due to high levels of glare on other cars and pedestrians on the road. Be sure to check with state bylaws on this before choosing to go with this option.

Does the Lariat Sport Package Include Heated Seats?

Yes, the Lariat Sport Package includes heated seats. They’re a great feature to have in cold weather because they keep your back warm and make long trips more comfortable. Heated seats can be turned off or set to different temperatures depending on what you prefer. You can also turn them on or off with the push of a button; no need to go digging into menus.

Do the Lariat Sport Packages Come with a Sunroof?

The Lariat Sport Appearance Package does not include a sunroof, but it’s an option. You can order your truck with the panoramic sunroof (which is included) for an additional $1,295.

The Lariat Sport Appearance Package is not for everyone, but it can add some fun to your driving experience. The package includes many features that are not included in the base model, including

  1. Ruby Red Metallic paint
  2. Black side fender moldings and mirrors
  3. 20-inch polished aluminum wheels with black accents

My Overall Thoughts

The Lariat Sport Appearance Package is a great way to add some fun to your driving experience. It can be a good choice if you want some extra features without having to get an expensive pickup truck with lots of bells and whistles. It’s also not as expensive as some other packages offered by Ford, so it might be right for you if money is tight but you still want a more aggressive look and stance.

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