Ford F150 Oil Change Interval [Recommended Schedule]

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Changing your engine oil when it is time is one of the most crucial things you can do to keep your F150 running as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

If you fail to change the oil on a regular basis, then your F150 may experience problems like reduced performance or even engine failure, which can be very costly to repair!

In this article, I am going to share with you the recommended oil change intervals for your F150 whether you have the 6.2, 5.0L engine or 2.7,  3.7 Ecoboost motor.

F150 Recommended Oil Change Interval

The recommended oil change interval for the F150 5.0L and Ecoboost engines is every 4000- 5000 miles or every 3-5 months (based on an average of 1200 miles driven a month).

Now, this is a general rule and my personal recommendation based on my experience as a mechanic. Regardless of how often you take your pickup for a drive.

Newer F150s are equipped with a feature called an “Intelligent oil life monitor system” (IOLM) that will alert you when it’s time for an oil change using an oil life % as a guide.

The IOLM is designed to monitor engine performance over time and can determine the optimal time for an oil change based on driving style, idling, weather, and other factors.

If your F150 does not have this feature, then stick with my recommendation of every 4000-5000 miles or every 3-5 months.

Why it is Important to Change Your Ford F150 Oil Frequently?

Now that I have explained when to change the engine oil on your F150, let’s look at why this is important.

The engine oil on your Ford acts as a lubricant and cooling fluid for the engine. It is a very important component of your vehicle and has a lot of responsibility.

The engine oil helps reduce friction between moving parts, which allows them to move smoothly when they are in contact with each other.

If the oil becomes too thick or thin (from dirt or debris build-up), it will not be able to lubricate properly and this can cause damage to your Ford F150 motor over time.

Since engine oil gets dirty as it gets used, it needs to be changed regularly.

Choosing the Right Oil for your F150

There are different oil types on the market and simply using the incorrect oil on your pickup can do more harm than good to your engine in the long run.

So what is the recommended oil? The recommended oil type for your F150 is a 5w20 or 5w30 fully synthetic engine oil.

This oil is recommended by Ford because it has a high viscosity index, which means it can withstand high-temperature changes and still provide the same level of lubrication.

Full synthetic oils also have anti-wear additives that are not found in conventional motor oils.

I would advise you to pair that with a Motorcraft oil filter as these filters are proven to do well on a heavy-duty pickup like the F-150.

What Happens if You Don’t Change the Engine Oil on your F150?

The simple answer is that your engine will start to wear out quicker than it should. As the engine runs, it heats up and cools down repeatedly.

The oil inside helps the internal parts of your engine move smoothly and without friction, which reduces wear on those components.

If you run low on oil or fail to change it often enough, then engine oil will become dirty and lose its cooling properties which will result in your Pickup engine running too hot.

How to Change The Engine Oil on an F150?

If you are planning on doing it yourself, you will find these videos extremely helpful.

Oil Change Guide on a 5.0 Engine

Oil Change Guide on a 3.5 Ecoboost Engine




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