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What are Ford Pass Points?

Ford Points are essential rewards that customers can earn by purchasing from the Ford Dealerships. There are many ways to earn points, such as buying a new car, signing up for a test drive, or taking part in surveys. The points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases or even for free merchandise.

The number of points you can earn will vary depending on your purchase or the activity you participate in. For example, buying a new car will usually earn you more points than taking a survey. The number of points that you can earn also varies depending on which country you are in.

How to Earn Ford Points?

There are many ways to earn Ford Points. These include:

Making a Purchase

Ford has a variety of cars that you can purchase to earn points. These include new cars, used cars, and certified pre-owned cars. You can also earn points by leasing a car from Ford.

Signing Up for a Test Drive

If you sign up for a test drive at a Ford dealership, you will usually earn around 500 points. Test drives are a great way to earn points because you can do them even if you are not interested in purchasing a car.

Taking Part in Surveys

Ford will occasionally send out surveys that you can take to earn points. These surveys usually take five minutes to complete and can be done online or over the phone. Referring Friends and Family You can earn points by referring your friends and family to Ford. You will usually earn around 1000 points for every person you refer.

How to Redeem Ford Points?

There are two main ways to redeem your Ford Points: online and at a dealership.


If you want to redeem your points online, you will need to create an account on the Ford website. Once you have logged in, you can view all available rewards and redeem your points for the ones you want.

At a Dealership

You can redeem your points at a Ford dealership if you prefer. To do this, simply bring your points card or account number when you visit the dealership. They will then be able to help you redeem your points for the rewards you want.

Are Ford pass Points Transferable?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your Ford Pass points to someone else, this is because they are linked to a specific Ford account, and it is the vehicle owner who receives them. They can be used towards your next Ford mech purchase, or towards other products or services that Ford offers.

How Much are Ford Pass Points Worth?

Every 200 Ford pass points is equal to $1, the calculator above makes things simple by giving you the accurate dollar amount for each Ford Point, this helps you understand how much your points are worth and what you can do with them, I always advise ford f150 owners to participate in Ford activities in order to grow the points faster, which can be used when you need parts or service.

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