Ford F150 Rear Window Replacement Cost (Price Calculated)

how much it costs to replace f150 rear window

I have had unsecured goods in the truck bed and it sometimes makes me very anxious that something might damage my rear window. I am sure I am not the first person to get nervous about incurring such an unexpected expense. I looked into the replacement cost for a Ford F150 and this is what I found

How much does a ford f150 rear window replacement cost?

The rear window of an F150 costs around $320 to $500. The price is dependent on factors such as labor, tools, taxes, and required parts. The rear window of the F150 is not as high-tech or filled with sensors as the windshield hence the cost is relatively lower.

Window Inspection on Ford F150

Prior to replacing the rear window of your Ford F150, you might want to visit with an Auto-glass technician so they inspect the vehicle. Some knocks and cracks can be repaired so as to prevent any costly expenses.

In the event that replacement is inevitable an auto glass technician can advise you on what kind of glass to get and may even fit it for you at a charge of course.

It is advisable to spring for the OEM option for your replacement mirror than aftermarket ones. However in the case of the rear window, it is not of great consequence as long the window fits perfectly, does not expose you to the elements, and the fix/replacement is durable. ‘

This is why it would be necessary to seek the expertise of someone familiar with working with the Ford F150.

Type of window for Ford F150

When it comes to the cost of replacing such a window you also have to look into the time of the rear window you will be used to replace the damaged one with.

Different options have different prices and the more complex can cost you even up to $600. The following are some of the rear windows for the Ford F150 available on the market (this is according to CARiD and Amazon):

  • A Clean Breeze Sliding Back window screen – easy install with 3M tape and no need for drilling or tool
  • Perfect Fit All-look Trivent Three panel slider – vehicle-specific with narrow stiles, contoured frame with flexible flange
  • All-Glass look Power Slider – vehicle specific and has Solar glass, and for the F-series offers a look with no visible frame, fully contoured and original equipment styled with bolt-in installation ·
  • NAGD Privacy Stationary Back Window Back Glass·
  • 1992-1996 Ford F150 F250 F350 Rear Sliding Back Window Glass and Gasket ·
  • NAGD Sliding Back Window Glass Compatible with Ford F150 Pickup 2004-2014 Models
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer Made Window, Tempered Glass, Power Slider, Solar Controlled, Factory Privacy Tinted · 2015 – 2019 Ford F-150 Rear Back Power Sliding Window OEM The windows and all the accessories related to the installation of this window can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Depending on whether it is a manual or power slide the price can vary greatly. Predating 2004 most of the vehicles had the manual set up and now some have a power slide electronic setup for their rear F150. A simpler rear window like the NAGD Privacy Stationary Back Window will not cost that much, at most just over a hundred dollars but with the Power slide, the price comes close to almost $500.

Cost of replacing Rear window vs Windshield

for F150 The cost of replacing the windshield of a Ford F150 is around $400 to about over $500. Very much comparable to the cost of replacing the rear window.

The price also for this is dependent on the model, year, whether you are going for an OEM or aftermarket windshield. Even dealerships can charge vastly different prices for the same ranging from $200 in one garage to a thousand in another.

Final Words on Ford F-150 Rear Window Replacement Cost

There are many options to choose from when picking the right replacement rear window for you. Getting an OEM is a best and advisable choice, it guarantees the part you received is perfect for the purpose it serves.

Manual options for rear windows are not as expensive and if you’re going for a simpler aesthetic. It is somewhat surprising that the replacement cost for the windshield is equal to that of the rear window given the accompanying accessories that go into buying and installing it.

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