How Wide is a Ford F150? ( Length, Height & Other Dimensions )

ford f150 dimensions

The American staple, Ford F150 is known for its excellent performance, look, and driving experience. Taking the car in, as a whole, you cannot help but appreciate the dimensions, curve, and artistry that went into the design. When I am parking though, I always get anxious about whether the car can fit into certain parking spots. I decided to see how wide the Ford F150 is.

How Wide is a Ford F150?

The Ford F150 has a width of 79.9 inches excluding the rearview mirrors. This width is standard for every F150 regardless of the cab style; the width is maintained at this value. There is a discrepancy however if we take into account the side mirrors. Accounting for the side mirrors, the width gets to be just over 86 inches.

The Height of a Ford F150

The standard height of a Ford F150 is around 75.1 to 78.5 inches for any cab style of car. Fads for extravagant lighting, rolling coal and bigger means you are likely to find versions of this car that are taller than the standard height but the standard gives both good ground clearance and does not violate most height restrictions.

The Length of a Ford F150

Ford has three distinct lengths for the F150; the super-short, the short, and the long. The cab sizes are not available for all the bed lengths.

It is important to be clear about that before considering your purchase options. · The super-short – around 67.1 inches long for the bed, which is about 50 cubic ft. of haulage space. This length is available in SuperCrew F150s and Raptor Super Cabs.

The short Cab – is around 6.5 ft. with a bed capacity of 60 cubic feet, which is the more common haulage capacity. This is available in all trims, cab styles, and preferences that the F150 has on offer.

The long Cab – this is for those in need of powerful haulage capabilities, with a length of about 8ft. and capacity of exactly 77.3 cubics ft. it is no joke. This one is only found in the regular cab size.

The Weight of an F150

The weight of the truck is dependent on the cab size and bed option and other such preferences. There are no definite weights as there are many variables in the preference you will have for your ideal truck.

However, there is a consistency in weight for any given configuration. An F150 XL with 2WD, regular cab, and 6.5’ bed weighs in at 4,069-pounds, and the Platinum 2WD SuperCrew cab with 6.5” bed and has a curb weight in excess of 4,600 pounds. Their gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is 6100 pounds and 6800 pounds respectively.

The Length of a Parking Space

On average parking space is about 7.5 to 9 feet wide and 10 to 20 feet long. With smaller parking spaces being the safer option with a lower likelihood of accidents.

Handicap/Accessible parking spaces are on average 8 ft wide and 11 ft long. They also have convenient access to the access aisles close to the buildings.

Final Words on Ford F150 Width & Dimensions

Considering what I had in mind when I started my research I can safely conclude that I generally have little to worry about when it comes to the space an F150 occupies when parking.

Even in the tightest parking spots, a 0.9ft is clear from the next vehicle. It is not immediately obvious that we can vary a lot about a car but not its width. A truck can be made heavier, taller, longer, etc.

But there is very little wiggle room with its width. I think this is because of the stand widths for driving lanes and parking spots.

You don’t want your vehicle too wide else it will start obstructing traffic in the other lanes as well. Or worse yet considering how some people can never seem to park within their parking lanes, with a wider car you would never be able to find suitable parking.

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