Can You Put a Raptor Grill on F150? (Will it Fit?)

will raptor grill fit f150

Let’s all admit it, the Ford Raptor 2 nd and 3 rd generation is a beast of a vehicle. Not only does it look the part but it plays the part pretty well too.

If you have an F150, can you put a raptor grill on it? This is the question we are tackling in this article. When it comes to sheer looks and performance, the Ford Raptor has it all.

It’s a well-designed truck that also boasts a powerful engine and great sound. It’s also quite expensive. It’s little wonder that F150 owners would want to get a bit of that Raptor look and feel on their trucks.

In short, Yes, get the Ford Raptor front Grill fitted on an F150 truck it will fit perfectly. The results you get from this upgrade are pretty good too. It can immediately transform the look and feel of your truck and give it the mean edge of the Raptor.

If you want to go further than the grill, there are other additions that you can make to bring it closer in terms of look and feel. We will look into this a little further once we’ve tackled the issue of the grill.

Where Can I Get a Raptor Grill For My F150?

There is a huge aftermarket for trucks and it’s no different for the F150. You can get parts on Amazon as well companies like

They provide aftermarket modifications for trucks that can blow even the wildest of imaginations. If you search on Amazon, for example, you will find several options for a grill.

Due to copyright issues though, the grills do not carry the Ford name when they get to you but do come with letters that you can screw on to spell FORD.

Whether this is against the law or not is questionable. Anyway, you can order a grill that will be shipped to your doorstep.

The installation process for this is pretty much straightforward depending on the grill you buy. There are different options available to you based on the type of grill you want as well as the manufacturer.

They range from basic constructions all the way to slightly complex ones that include LED lights on them. In such cases, you may have to make slight adjustments to the wiring in order for them to function properly. Otherwise, the installation process is pretty straightforward.

Additional Mods to Your F150

Other than the grill there are other mods that can be made to the Ford F150 to get it to look more like the Raptor. These are:

  • Lifted Suspension
  • Different Tires
  • Barricade Bumper
  • Fender Flares
  • LED Lights
  • Running Boards
  • Exhaust Kit

If you really want to go all out and get your F150 as close to the Ford Raptor as possible, you might consider getting some of or all of these modifications installed.

Because the aftermarket is so large, there are many manufacturers who can get your F150 looking like the Raptor’s first cousin. Let’s look at some of these:

Lifted Suspension It’s amazing just what a lift can do for a truck. Besides the improved performance on and off-road, your truck simply looks a whole lot better.

Make sure to get a brand that carries a good reputation in the market when it comes to lifting kits. Dealing with a specialist retailer such as American Trucks and similar companies will afford you the opportunity of getting great advice on the best options available for your particular truck.

Different Tires Once you have lifted your truck, the next thing you need to do is get the right size tires as well as rims. While the rims are dependent on the look you are going for, the tires are more about function. Usually changing to smaller tires makes your lift look significantly better.

However, whatever tire size you choose has to be the right fit and be able to freely maneuver without rubbing against the body of your truck.

Barricade Bumper A barricade bumper is another thing that will significantly improve the look of your F150 and give it that Raptor look. You will often get the barricade bumper from the same supplier as the grill. Some even just sell them as a set. Some configurations will give you the option of fog lights as well.

Fender Flares Fender flares will give you that extra-rugged, off-road look that the Raptor has. These are also widely available on the aftermarket. LED Lights You may not get identical ones but there are several LED headlight alternatives available on the aftermarket that will take you even closer to the Raptor.

Running Boards Running Boards are another option available to you. You can change the OEM ones for those that fit the look a little better.

Exhaust Kit To complete the feel and make the F150 sound the part, you can get a double exhaust kit fitted to make your truck sound like a real beast. You will probably get blown away in a race against a Raptor with its superior horsepower and torque but you will sound great doing it.


Yes, you can put a Raptor grill on an F150 truck but why stop there? There is so much more you can do to your F150 to make it look and feel a lot more like a Raptor. It might not be a Raptor but you can get it pretty close.


Photo by JZ The Creator on Unsplash

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