Ford F150 Diesel Problems [Common Issues Discussed]

F150 Diesel

In this article, we will be looking into the problems that the Ford F-150 diesel engine. This engine has been around for a while now and has been quite popular. In the Ford F150, the 3.0-liter diesel engine has been a staple for quite some time now.

However, the Ecoboost engine has replaced diesel engines in terms of popularity as customers have opted for that because it has better torque and more horsepower.

Is the Ford F150 Diesel Engine a Good Engine?

The Ford F150 diesel engine is a very popular and well-loved truck engine and has been used in many different models of the Ford F150. There are currently three different versions of the Ford F150 engine:

the Power Stroke V8, the EcoBoost V6, and the 3.5L V6. Each one has its own pros and cons, but all three are known for being reliable and efficient engines. The Power Stroke V8 is a turbocharged diesel engine that produces 325 hp and 660 lb-ft torque at only 2,800 rpm.

While it has a high torque rating, it doesn’t provide as much horsepower as some other engines do—but this can be good for off-roading purposes because it gives you more control over your vehicle when traveling up steep inclines or down steep descents.

The EcoBoost V6 is a 3.5L turbocharged gasoline engine that produces 365 hp at 5,000 rpm and 420 lb-ft torque at 2,500 rpm (with an optional performance package upgrade). While this engine doesn’t produce as much horsepower as some others do (such as those from GM), it does provide a balance between

What Diesel Engine Did Ford Have Problems With?

The Ford diesel engines had problems and problems they were:

  1. The Ford 6.0litre, 6.9-liter, and 7.3-liter Powerstroke engines have all been known to have injector issues and fuel pump issues.
  2. They are also known for ECM module failure and 4×4 actuator problems. These are the most commonly reported problems but there have also been issues that have been connected to the transmission.

Why Did Ford Discontinue the F-150 Diesel?

Ford discontinued the diesel engine in the F-150 because it was not cost-effective and customers were not asking for it. By 2022, Ford aims to have 25% of its sales coming from electric vehicles and hybrids.

The company is also making big investments in autonomous vehicles and wants to position itself as a leader in those technologies. It does not make sense for Ford to continue producing diesel when it is moving away from them so quickly.

While there was some interest in diesel engines on the part of consumers, it was not enough to justify keeping them around. The costs associated with maintaining diesel were higher than they were worth, but they did offer better fuel economy than gasoline engines.

However, when gas prices dropped in the U.S., people stopped asking for diesel since they could get comparable mileage from gasoline engines at a lower cost per mile driven.

What Years are Ford f150 Diesel Engines to Avoid?

We would advise you to avoid the 1998-2003 Ford 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engine. This is because they have an emissions problem that has been linked to several deaths, and they are expensive to fix.

The 2004-2006 models have the same problem, but not as severe. If you have one of these engines, it should be repaired immediately. The 2007 model has an emission system that is also affected by the same problems as the 1998-2003 models.

Can You Still Order an F-150 Diesel?

You can still order a Ford F150 diesel engine in 2022. However, there are some caveats to look out for before you make your purchase. First, there are currently no dealers that are selling the F-150 diesel engine.

This means that you will have to order one from the factory and wait for it to be delivered to your dealership. Second, Ford has been only offering the F-150 diesel as a special order item up to 2021 (and as of now, there is no information on whether or not this will change).

Third, if you want to buy a new truck with an F-150 diesel engine in 2022, there are very few options available right now due to low demand.

Final Thoughts

The Ford F150 diesel engine is a good engine that has a few problems which you need to be aware of. Other than the issues mentioned in this post, there really aren’t any other noteworthy problems to speak of.

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