Can You Put Tow Mirrors On an F150? [Things to Know]

f150 tow mirrors

As an owner of a Ford F150 pickup truck, you will want to tow a trailer from time to time. It’s a convenient way to move large loads from place to place as well as tow mobile homes when you want to take the family for an outing. Towing trailers comes with its challenges though.

Chief among these is the limited visibility it comes with. You will not be able to see around or behind the trailer with standard side mirrors. That’s where towing mirrors come in handy. They are larger than standard mirrors and give you a better view of the sides of your truck and trailer.

Does the F150 Come With Tow Mirrors?

Tow mirrors are mirrors that are designed to make it easier for you to see what’s behind your vehicle when you are towing a trailer. They can be installed on a variety of vehicles, including the F150.

They do not come standard on most F150 trims but they are included in the Lariat trim. The 2022 version of this trim also includes a telescopic function that allows the mirror to automatically move in and out for the ideal view.

The tow mirrors on the Lariat also come with a 360 degrees camera installed on them. The standard version, however, will not include this capability.

When you install tow mirrors on your vehicle, they will attach to the existing side mirror slots with brackets and screws. Typically, these mirrors are made of plastic and can be purchased at most automotive parts stores.

Can You Fit Tow Mirrors on the Ford F150?

The Ford F150 is a great truck, but it doesn’t come with tow mirrors, which means that you’re going to have to get them installed.

If you need to tow your trailer, it’s important that you can see behind your vehicle so that you can stay safe while driving on the road. It’s easy to fit tow mirrors on a Ford F150.

You just need to make sure that you get the correct ones for your vehicle and install them correctly. Tow mirrors are designed to be used when you’re towing your trailer, so they should be large enough for you to see behind your vehicle.

The Ford F150 doesn’t come with these mirrors as standard equipment, but it’s easy to fit them on the truck yourself. The Ford F150 comes with the standard rearview mirrors, but they’re not the best for towing a trailer. They don’t give you a wide enough view, so it’s best to get tow mirrors installed on your truck.

Why Should You Put Tow Mirrors on Your Ford F150?

With tow mirrors, you can see what’s behind your Ford F150. If you need to tow a trailer or boat with your Ford F150, then tow mirrors are an absolute must.

They allow for greater visibility when driving and parking, which helps prevent accidents when towing heavy loads. Tow mirrors are easy to install on your F150 and require no drilling or modification to fit perfectly into place on existing mounting points.

Are Towing Mirrors Worth It?

If you want better visibility when towing a trailer then tow mirrors are definitely worth it. They exponentially increase the safety of your vehicle when towing a trailer.

Without them, it would be very difficult to see what’s going on around and behind you. It means that you significantly decrease the possibility of causing an accident with them installed. This is arguably a price worth paying and the price isn’t that bit as well. Standard tow mirrors will cost you around $250 for a set of 2.

If you want to go for the telescoping ones which are a bit more high-tech, you are looking at paying a minim of $950. Installing them is also a very simple process and you won’t need to pay someone to install them for you especially if you love DIY projects.

So, you definitely can put tow mirrors of your Ford F150 unless you have a trim or options package that comes with them already installed. They are also relatively cheap and you can install them yourself. It’s a small price to pay for that added layer of safety they offer.

How to Install Tow Mirrors on a Ford F 150


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