Ford 6.2 MPG Improvements (Better Gas Mileage Guide)

ford 6.2 mpg improvements

In this article,  we are going to be looking at Ford 6.2 engine and MPG improvements that can be made to it. If this is something you are looking at doing, then this post is definitely for you so fasten your seatbelts, and let’s go!

The Ford 6.2 engine was first introduced in the 2011 model year of Ford’s heavy-duty trucks. This is an engine that was designed for Ford’s heavy hitters and the statement “Built Ford Tough” fits right in when it comes to this particular engine.

It’s a high-performance beast that is just like most other big engines in that it is a gas guzzler. It’s only able to achieve 14 to just under 16 miles per gallon. Are there ways of improving this though? Well, there are and we will talk about them in this post.

You can get better gas mileage from a Ford 6.2 engine by making some mods to it. These include installing a high-flow cold intake system, a cat-back exhaust system, performance suspension kits, and a performance chip or tuner.

What is all this, you may ask? I’ll get into that soon but first…

Is the Ford 6.2 a Good Motor?

The 6.2 is an excellent motor that has managed to build a great reputation for itself. Designed specifically for Ford’s bigger pickup trucks; the super duty line, this engine is a V8 that is able to produce 385HP and 430 lb-ft or torque.

It runs in the F-250 and F-350 and the SVT Raptor which is a high-end offering of the F-150. If treated well, this engine is known to go up to 500,000 miles or more. If you have this engine in your truck, you basically have one of the best on the market that will serve you well.

How many MPG does a Ford 6.2 Get?

The 6.2 is a big engine and true to form, you cannot expect to get a lot of miles per gallon out of it. If you have a Ford truck that has this engine, you can expect to get anywhere from 14 mpg to 16 mpg depending on your driving style as well as whether you are on the streets or highway.

This roughly translates to anywhere from 489 to 543 miles on a full tank. The tank size options on the Ford trucks have the 6.2 range from 26.5 gallons all the way to 48 gallons.

I will stress that these figures will depend a lot on your driving style but that’s a ballpark figure of what you can expect.

Fortunately, there are a few things that can be done which improve the mpg you get from the Ford 6.2 engine. We are going to be looking at that next.

Ford 6.2 mpg improvements Upgrades

Thank goodness for the aftermarket industry. It seems that there is an aftermarket solution for just about every problem or deficiency that a Stock Ford truck has.

Because of this, there are some components that can be added to your vehicle that help it improve the mpg that you get from it. We will look at this one by one.

Installing Performance Suspension Kits

How exactly do suspension kits help improve the fuel efficiency of your truck? Well, when you think of suspension kits, the first thing that comes to mind is handling and improved performance.

You hardly ever think about saving fuel. Well, aftermarket kits are usually shorter than the stock options. This means that your truck rides lower leading to a decrease in drag.

The result of this is that you get better fuel economy because of improved aerodynamics.

High-Flow Cold Air Intake System

Cold air contains more oxygen than warm air of the same volume. If the high-flow cold air intake system is able to deliver colder air than the stock component, you will definitely get improved fuel economy.

You can expect to get as 3-5 mpg improvement through this mod.

Cat-Back Exhaust System

When you improve air intake with the intake system as mentioned above, you will definitely get improvements in your mpg.

However, you also need to make sure that all the exhaust fumes are expelled efficiently. This is the job of an aftermarket cat-back exhaust system. The augments the function of a catalytic convertor helping you get better fuel economy.

Conclusion on improving mpg for 6.2 Ford Engine

you own a Ford truck with the 6.2, there is hope for you. You can definitely get improved fuel economy by following the steps in this post.

You definitely can get the best of both worlds by getting great performance tempered by decent fuel economy. You are not going to get excellent fuel economy as you would get from the EcoBoost, for example, but you will definitely see an improvement when you apply the modifications in this post.


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