Ford 6.2 Problems [Common Issues With This Engine]

problems with a 6.2 ford engine

The Ford 6.2 Boss V8 is quite an iconic engine and one of the most popular big engines in the company’s history. Introduced in 2010, it has been used in the F-Series (2011-14) and Ford Super Duty models (2011-17). Many loved using it in the Ford Raptor from that time as well. But like any other engine, there are Ford 6.2 problems that are commonplace.

The Ford 6.2 issues include the water pump going bad, and some problems with the sparkplugs. Less common problems include bad valve springs and excessive oil consumption, but they exist nonetheless.

You can find more detailed info about the Ford 6.2 engine problems below:

What are the Ford 6.2 problems?

Got a 6.2 V8 or are planning on getting one? The following is what you can expect:

Bad water pump

Several owners of this engine have reported excessive overheating due to a faulty water pump. If the pump is not replaced in time, the overheating can damage other components of the engine. Not only will this ruin your engine, but it can also lead to some really pricey repair bills.

Spark plug issues

Out of all these Ford 6.2 problems, this one can pester owners the most. Because there are so many spark plugs on this engine (2 per cylinder, adding up to 16), there’s more that can go wrong with them. Also, they’re quite complicated to remove and maintain.

Bad valve springs

This is another one of the more common Ford super duty 6.2 problems after 100k miles on the odometer. The valve springs tend to fail over time and this can make the engine a lot rougher. Hence the springs will need to be replaced as soon as the problem is identified.

Oil burning and leaking

This one’s a serious issue but it has more to do with ownership habits than a faulty design. When your 6.2 V8 crosses 100k miles, it will start to burn engine oil if you don’t maintain it properly. This happens when your oil change intervals exceed 5k miles.

But what about oil leakage then? Well, here is another one of the Ford 6.2 problems related to high mileage. Basically, the valve cover gasket, the oil seals, and the oil pan start going bad and leaking oil. These issues are the most uncommon ones here though.

Is the Ford 6.2 a good engine?

The Ford 6.2 V8 is a superb engine from almost every standpoint. It delivers a lot of power and torque, giving you an excellent towing capacity on every truck that it is installed in. The 6.2 V8 engine is very durable and you can use it in many heavy-duty applications.

Of course, such an engine may not be the most efficient one in the world today. However, there aren’t many differences between the fuel mileages of it and the Super Duty engines available today. But yes, the towing capacity is better even though the old 6.2 is also great in this regard.

An advantage of this engine over the one’s today is that it uses comparatively less technology. As a result, there’s less to fear in terms of additional maintenance.

How is the Ford 6.2 engine reliability?

The Ford 6.2 V8 is quite a reliable engine for its category. Yes, there are problems mentioned above but half of them only exist when you put a lot of miles on the engine and can be prevented with maintenance.

If you maintain this well, it will be a very dependable motor for all of your heavy lifting needs. If you’re planning on getting one, make sure to get one that hasn’t been beaten to death. Otherwise, you would be in for an expensive trip to the mechanic.

How many miles will a Ford 6.2 last?

With proper care and ownership habits, this engine will easily cross 200k miles. Of course, users have taken them over 500k miles and they’re still running. There are many reviewers who’ve added more than 300k miles to this engine without encountering any major problems.

Yes, you will have to replace some parts along the way. But if you are willing to care for the engine after every 5k miles, don’t expect any major overhauls unless you abuse the engine. If you can find one of these engines with fewer miles on it, do go for it if it’s in good condition.

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