Ford PCO [What Is It & How Does It Work?]

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Who doesn’t love incentives, right? These are one of the reasons people buy electric cars. But what many don’t know is, that Ford offers incentives as well. Known as the Ford PCO program, it can save you a couple of thousands on your new Ford SUV or truck. So, what is Ford PCO and how does it work?

It is a way for Ford to market their vehicles better. They offer Private Cash Offers in order which can be up to several grand. The only hard part is achieving them. They’ll give them to those registered under the Ford database.

You can get into it by filling out their online forms. If there’s one in your name, visit your local dealer and let them know.

Note: You should check the details mentioned here with your dealer as they can be updated at any time. The info has been obtained from the user OffBalance on Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

What is Ford PCO?

PCOs stands for Private Cash Offers. Ford offers these in the states and they’re essentially cash rewards that make your Ford purchase cheaper. These are available on all Ford vehicles and the pricier the vehicle, the more will be the amount incentivized.

How to get a Ford PCO?

The exact nature of how to get one is a mystery. Experts say that you need to be on Ford’s radar as a potential buyer. Ford collects information related to demographics and using this, they’re able to identify customers in the near future.

You can do this by becoming a part of the company’s customer database. A proof of this is when you receive email updates and offers from them. You can get yourself entered in their database by filling out any form that pops up on their sites.

If you don’t see any forms, then just accept the cookies on their site. You might even be offered a PCO in the form of a popup ad. Furthermore, you can also reach out to Ford’s marketing department to find out if you have a PCO.

How to use a Ford PCO?

So, let’s say that you have a Ford PCO under your name. If you’re buying a Ford from a verified dealer, you can just tell them about it. Just show them the official Ford email for the PCO. They’ll enter your info into their system and apply the PCO incentive to your vehicular purchase.

But what if you have more than one Ford PCO on you? Well, in that case, you will just be able to use one of them – use the best one. You can use the extra PCOs to buy yourself another Ford car. All you need to do after this is ensure that your PCO hasn’t expired.

It is important to remember that a dealer has to accept the PCO. This is because they are not at a loss whenever the prices are decreased via incentives. They are subsidized by Ford themselves in order to sell the cars cheaper and let the marketing do itself.

Who is ineligible for Ford PCO?

There are many conditions for Ford PCOs. These include some cars and some people. The cars excluded include but aren’t limited to Ford’s sportier models such as the Mustang. So, these were the cars; now, what about the ineligible people?

Well we start off with anyone who is already benefiting from Ford in the form of monetary compensation. This can be anyone under their plans which includes current and retired employees. Not even the dealers can use them for themselves.

There are also some other people that aren’t allowed to use PCOs. These are the ones who are already enjoying some sort of incentive. Lastly, you cannot share your PCO with someone else, unless they share your address. You can also combine your PCO with some other plans.

What are the types of Ford PCOs available?

Now that we’ve established how great PCOs are, we should know the various types of them available in the market. You can receive these in the form of paper mail, e-mail offers, online popup ads, and notifications on your FordPass app.

In fact, you should also be aware if someone on a Ford forum posts about a link with the PCO available. At the same time, you should also forward your link to others in case you’re interested in the purchase. This can help others utlize them if you’re not interested.

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