Ford f150 Timing Chain Replacement Cost (Average Fee)

f 150 timing chain

Thinking of how much it will cost you to replace the Ford f150 timing chain? Look no further. Made of metal, a timing chain can be likened to the mechanism of a bicycle chain.

It runs inside the engine and requires regular lubrication using engine oil. Unlike timing belts, timing chains are much preferred by many automakers with the thought of durability in mind, and because they last longer.

According to some experts, it is ideal to get the timing chain of your vehicle replaced every 100,000 miles thereabouts. However, in most situations, it is excessive vibration and improper ignition timing of the vehicle that indicates the urgent need for such a replacement.

If you find yourself in such a case, the next line of thought will be to figure out the actual cost of replacing them. While the cost of getting another timing chain in a vehicle is based more on labor, the brand of the car always plays a role.

For example, F-150’s chain is usually maintenance-free and designed to last the life of the vehicle except the tensioner has been stretched and bled off oil pressure.

How much does it cost to replace a ford f150 timing chain?

In short, the average cost to replace the ford f150 timing chain is $1300, expect to spend anywhere between $1,100 to $1,500. However, I have realized that the cost is mainly attributed to labor because a lot of disassembling and assembling is involved.

A failing F-150’s chain will most likely lead to the improper running of an engine that might not only trigger the check engine warning light but also cause a whirring or rattling noise from the car’s engine.

We will look at the signs that indicate a failing timing chain later in his article, but even though you can’t detect, part of the service you will be paying for involves the mechanic examining and diagnosing whatever problem it might be, because in any situation, replacing your timing chain presents the perfect time to revamp your oil pump.

Is a timing chain worth replacing?

In the actual sense of it, you would only think of replacing a timing chain when you can detect a problem. In other words, the timing chain is not worth replacing unless there is a problem with it. But as mentioned earlier, 40,000 and 100,000 miles of engine usage is the typical duration at which the timing chain needs to be replaced, depending on the vehicle.

How do I know my f150’s timing chain is going bad?

The question of how to know when your f150’s timing chain is going bad is a corollary to knowing how urgent it is to get the important engine component fixed.

To begin with the obvious, observing that your car’s engine won’t run is a viable indicator that timing chain replacement is quite urgent.

But if your car still runs well, here are the other way that points at a failing timing chain that requires quick attention

  • Warning lights
  • Disturbing engine noise
  • Lagging engine performance
  • Failed engine

Warning light

We all like to think that those little lights do not exist… Maybe most of us, but it is the first port of call to discover when something is off with your engine. In the same light, the check engine warning light can be triggered when there is a problem with the timing chain.

Disturbing engine noise

When a timing chain is loose or damaged, there could be a whirring or rattling noise caused by the car. While disturbing engine noises could mean many malfunction problems, it is one of the ways to notice that you have a bad timing chain.

Lagging engine performance

Incomplete combustion happens when there is no proper synchronization between the crankshaft and camshaft, causing the motor to run improperly and then a hesitation acceleration. All these contribute to poor engine performance due to a faulty timing chain.

Can you drive a ford f150 with a bad timing chain?

Technically, driving your ford f150 with a failing timing chain is a bad idea because if it were to break, you risk damaging the entire internal combustion mechanism.

What this means is that you won’t be able to drive the car any longer. Dollar to doughnuts, a bad timing chain could either cause the engine not to start at all or fail while driving.

What happens when the chain eventually breaks as you drive is that the pistons will be damaged due to its contact with the valves which can jeopardize the entire engine when bent.


A timing chain is among the essential parts of the internal combustion engine of your Ford pickup, and when a replacement is required, you’d want to know the actual cost your mechanic will quote to you.

Not only have I been able to touch on this, but we have also looked into the signs that indicate a failing timing chain in ford cars and when to consider it urgent for a replacement.

Feel free to share your experience on replacing your timing chain at one point or the other and how the cost factor played out. Thanks for reading.

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