Ford Sync Update Won’t Install (Possible Causes & Fix)

ford synch update won't install

Are you troubled by the Ford sync update bug? Well, you are not alone. The Ford sync update bug is a common problem. Many customers have found themselves stuck while setting up the ford sync.

What Is Ford Sync?

If you are new to the terminology, ford sync is a system that is integrated within the vehicle communication system. It is a factory-embedded system developed by ford motors that makes it easy for users to communicate within the vehicle. The users can make hands-free phone calls, control the vehicle from the outside and control music remotely.

Development Of Ford Sync

Ford sync has been advanced over time from the first generation to the latest fourth-generation released in 2021. If you are using the latest ford motor release like mustang Mach-E, it means you are experiencing the fourth-generation technology.

Whichever generation you use in your vehicle, the sync installation bug may not discriminate against you. It is a technology problem mainly caused by system failure or lack of installation know-how.

Whichever the cause of the ford sync installation bug, you must be armed with basic knowledge of troubleshooting the bugs. Besides the ford motors support service, you need to be equipped with enough information. This article will inform you of the range of available alternatives to keep your experience with Ford smooth.

Why Would The Ford Sync Update Fail To Install?

When you encounter a problem when trying to install the ford sync update, don’t just be glued to one solution. Many reasons could be the cause of the installation failing. While troubleshooting the update fail bug, consider the different probable causes and be systematic.
The following are the possible causes of your ford sync update installation and how to fix each of them:

1. Wrongly formatted USB drive

Ensure that your USB drive is correctly formatted. Every ford sync version has a different form of USB drive partitioning.

For Ford Sync 3, 4 and 4A versions, ensure that the USB drive is formatted in the exFAT file system. In the case of versions older than Sync 3, make sure your USB drive is formatted in the FAT32 file system.

If you are new to USB drive formatting, visit for a detailed guide. Here you will learn how to do exFAT and FAT32 formatting.

2. Wrong procedure while extracting the Sync file to the USB drive

Failure to follow the correct procedure is another common mistake you probably have fallen into. It is a common human problem to ignore manual guides when handling hardware and software products. Make sure that you strictly follow the Ford Sync update installation guide. If there is anything you have a problem understanding, Ford customer care support is available for your contact.

For the users of Macintosh, you will need to extract the files to a flash drive. Ensure that the browser does not unarchive the files automatically. If you are troubleshooting this problem, you may visit.

For the users of Windows, you may visit. The site will give you a detailed process on how to extract the Sync files using the Windows operating system.

3. System error while installing the update

Technology is made by humans to be used by humans. It is not uncommon to have the processes fail to complete some procedures correctly. If it happens, the installation will complete and then fail to work.

The easy way to fix this problem is to delete the Sync update files, download them again, and carry out a fresh installation. If that fails, you may consider contacting Ford customer support for assistance.

4. Incomplete transfer of Sync files to flash drive

You may be experiencing this standard error; “Windows error 0x80004005”. The error occurs if the sync update files are not correctly transferred to the flash drive.

The right approach to fix this error is to delete the downloaded Sync files and download them again. If the problem persists, you may contact ford customer support for assistance.

5. Error during extraction of Sync files

If there is an error during extraction of the Sync update files, you may be experiencing the “LST error”. In this case, you may consider taking extra moves to ensure effective extraction. If you have MAC operating system, you may consider using an unarchiver app to help you extract the files correctly. For the Windows operating system user, consider windows explorer to help you extract the files effectively.

6. INSTL Installation error

This error is a factory setup error. If you are experiencing this error, it has no home remedy. It will need a ford dealer or certified ford customer support agent to run the diagnosis.

7. Out of space/Bad installation file error

This error is another common occurrence experienced when installing the ford Sync update. It is a system master setting error that will require you to perform a complete factory reset. Carrying out a master reset will return the system to its factory settings. For a guide on conducting a master reset visit for detailed instructions.

8. Memory error message “mem_003.”

This error occurs if you remove the flash drive before the Sync installation starts. It takes time for the installation to start once the USB is inserted. During this time, you should wait and not interfere with the process.

You will have to start the installation process afresh by performing a master system reset to fix the bug.
The Ford Sync update installation is easy if you follow the instructions. Most of the problems reported are not a system failure problem but the installer’s mistake.

The most common mistake is impatience. Ford sync update installation takes around 30 to 35 minutes. That duration may seem long for you if you are in a hurry, but your impatience may cost you a longer duration. Practice waiting patiently for the system to run and complete all the procedures according to the given instructions.

Basics To Bear In Mind While Updating Your Ford Sync

Before you set your mind on performing your ford sync update, make sure you have enough time. The update will take around 30 to 35 minutes; hence besides your patience, ensure you will not have interruptions.

Depending on the Sync version, you will need a flash drive with no less than 8GB capacity and partition it to either exFAT or FAT32 file system.

You will also need your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It is essential to mention that you can still operate and drive the vehicle while the installation is ongoing. So the Sync update may not necessarily interrupt your schedule.


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