Where Are Ford F150s Made? (Are They Really Made in America?)

where are ford f150 produced

The all-new Ford F-150 pickup truck is out and critics say that it is an excellent rival to the Ram 1500. But whether it is the 2022 F-150 or an F-150 from any other year, it still is America’s favorite truck. In fact, the F-Series is the best-selling American vehicle of all time.

But with such a reputation, people do tend to inquire about what makes the F-150 so great. Is it its powerful V8 engine that has been downsized?

Or is it because of its other features such as durability, spaciousness, and tech? Well, the truck owes its favoritism to all of the above. Theirs is another reason, however; the location of its manufacturing.

Are Ford F150s Made in America?

The Ford F-150 is made in America. Particularly, the states of Michigan and Missouri. It is no surprise that the F-150 is built in Dearborn, Michigan due to the history of this region when it comes to Ford. This was one of the earliest plants built by the auto giant, dating back to almost a hundred years.

The plant is part of the Ford River Rouge Complex; which was once the biggest integrated factory on this planet. There are a total of six factories, all from the same company.

Unlike the other Ford models, even the parts for the F-150 trucks are also produced locally to keep its American tradition alive. Ford has spent heavily to keep this plant running as the F-150 is its top dog in terms of sales.

The company has spent more than seven billion dollars in investments there. This is why the factory has been modernized heavily over the years, helping Ford combat climate change as well.

Then there’s the Kansas City Assembly Plant, an industrial unit that happens to be the largest auto factory in the US. Unveiled in the fifties, it is located in Claycomo, Missouri. This mammoth of a plant spans millions of square feet in area and it employs thousands of workers

Did Ford Make Trucks in Canada Before?

Yes, it did for a while. The American company has always emphasized keeping its truck-manufacturing plants in the US. They have stated that they believe in using American craftsmanship to produce a truck that is homegrown. This is one of the reasons why the F150 has a high TDC of 85%.

There was a time however when they also made these trucks in the neighboring country of Canada. But mind you, they only made those to be sold in the Canadian market. Ford did pull the plug on these manufacturing facilities though, so now the F-150 is built just in the US.

Where Is Ford Lightning Made?

The Lightning pickup truck is the first-ever all-electric pickup truck from Ford. Even though production started very recently, the truck has proven to be a massive success.

The company has postponed taking orders for the truck due to their limits in terms of production capabilities. They manufacture this truck in the Dearborn Plant as well.

However, they’re investing a sum of seven hundred million dollars to create the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. It’ll allow an increase in their production of Lightning units. They are planning on making eighty thousand Lighting trucks every year.

How to Tell where is Your F150 Truck Manufactured

Now that’s all good, but where was your F-150 made? It is quite simple really. Just look at your truck’s windows, where you’ll find a sticker. At the bottom of it, there will be a Final Assembly Plant heading. Look under it and you’ll find the plant where your F-150 was born.


To this day the Ford F-150 truck remains one of the best Pickup, offers great offroad capability, incredible towing capacity, and overall ride quality for less. I hope you now know where these legendary Trucks are manufactured.


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