F150 Off Road Package (Everything to Know about it)

f150 raptor offroad

Wondering what exactly the Ford F150 Off-Road Package is? We are going to be exploring this question in this article. What exactly is it and is it any different from the standard 4×4 offering on other F150 trims?

The f150 is a very capable pickup truck and it’s easy to make the assumption that it’s just as suited to off-road conditions as is but that’s unfortunately not the case. So, what exactly is the F150 off-road package?

The Ford F150 Package is an F150 truck with stronger parts, skid plates, improved off-road performance, electronic, on-the-fly electronic switch, FX4 decal as well as Rancho shocks.

Are Ford F150s Good For Off-Road?

As a stock, the Ford F150 does not come off-road ready. It is the perfect road vehicle but when it comes to off-road performance in rough terrain, it will not be as suited to those kinds of conditions.

There are stock off-road options for the Ford F150. These include the Ford F150 Raptor which, unfortunately, was not produced in 2021.

The Raptor married sport capability with off-road ability. This was the F150s version of the Ford Ranger Raptor. So, the $x4 and the Raptor are the ones best suited for off-road performance while the others aren’t.

What is the Off-Road Package on F150?

What exactly is the off-road package when we speak of the F150? This is an offering that makes the F150 capable of handling harsh terrain with ease and live-to-tell about it.

In essence, the off-road package is a stronger and meaner F150 just not as mean as the Raptor. It is widely recognized as the middle sweet spot between the Raptor and the standard 4×4.

This package or trim is also known as the FX4. It offers the following:

  1. FX4 Decal
  2. Skid Plates
  3. Better Off-Road Performance
  4. Stronger Parts
  5. Rancho Shocks
  6. Electronic 4WD Switch which can be activated on the fly

FX4 vs 4×4 Sport

How different is the FX4 package to the standard 4×4 also known as the Sport? As of 2021, these are the 2 stock 4 wheel drive options as the Raptor was discontinued this year.

When you compare the 2, the main difference that is immediately observable when you take a closer look is that the FX4 package is made for extreme off-roading.

It has the following?

  • Better shocks
  • Higher rear end height
  • 3 skid plates (over front diff, transfer case and fuel tank)
  • Hill descent feature

The rear shocks on the FX4 are bolted to the back of the wheels while the Sport has them to the font of the wheel . this gives the 4×4 a smoother ride than the FX4.

The 4×4 Sport has the following differentiating features when compared to the FX4:

  • Softer suspension results in a smoother ride
  • No skid plates

What it means is that the Sport has a more comfortable ride. It does not come battle-ready to face harsh off-road terrain even though it has four-wheel drive capability.

It is better suited to easier off-road terrain as it is not protected by skid plates. Its softer suspension also means that it will perform well off-road but just not as well as the off-road package.

It is possible to get some aftermarket mods to give the Sport a better chance to go off-road. Skid plates, roll bars and other accessories can be added on to give it greater off-road clout.

How Much is the F150 Off-Road Package?

If this post has somewhat convinced you that you need the F150 of-road package in your life, how much extra can you expect to pay for it? For the 2021 model year, this cost was $1,005. It is not yet certain what the cost of the 2021 option will be but it will most likely be in that range.

Is the Fi50 Off-Road Package Worth it?

The answer to that question will have to be yes. The value you get from the off-road package will far outweigh the price you have to pay. In our humble opinion, it is well worth the investment. The main disadvantage may be that you will sacrifice overall ride comfort for improved performance.

Conclusion on f150 offroad Pack

So, that’s it for this post. We are sure that you now understand what the Ford F150 Off-Road package is and can better determine if this is something for you or not. We are glad to have played a part in that decision.

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