Can a Ford F150 Plow Snow? (Plowing Snow Ultimate Guide)

snow plowing f150

Imagine waking up one morning to find your whole street snowed over. The crackling fire is the only thing keeping you warm but you have to hit local super to restock on food reserves. Could you use your Ford F150 to plow snow and clear your street?

Yes, The ford F150 is capable of plowing snow. There is only one light-duty truck that comes with a plowing option, which can be attached to the ford truck to help it move the snow. The plow needs to be of weight under 470 pounds for a V8 engine that is four-wheel drive and five liters with all-terrain tires.

What types of plows can you connect to your F150?

Therefore the F150 plow comes in two shapes; they can either be V-shaped or straight. The V-shaped is controlled from a central pivot to help move the snow.

Alternately extendable is used instead of the straight or V-shaped blades. The blades are made with either polyethylene or steel, while the former is lighter, the heavier one works better with snow because of the weight.

The pivot mechanism softens the blow of any object the blades might come in contact with. The size and weight of the blades can help determine the most appropriate setup for the blades. Any of the following plows will do for your truck: Snowbear Snow Plow; Meyer Home Plow; SnowSport Snow Plow

What are the costs associated with installing a plow on an F150?

To begin using a snowplow with your F150 you would need accessories for your vehicles, the plow, and many other related expenses to turn a truck into snow equipment.

The cost of the blades depends on the ones you choose to go for, the heavier larger blade commercial can run up your bill as high as $5000. The lighter ones more appropriate for home or personal use can range from a few hundred dollars to two thousand dollars.

What are the recommended Trim levels for installing a plow?

A 2015 Ford F150 with high-strength steel and other lighter materials to make its frame strong and more lightweight is ideal for use in this environment. The installation of the plow works with all trims and cab styles.

The vehicles should be in condition to handle the strain on the chassis and vehicles’ suspension. Modifications to both the suspension and body are available to make the car conducive for work in the snow.

Additionally, your vehicle also needs to have a steering damper, roof clearance lights, a front, and rear stabilizer bar, and an auxiliary auto transmission cooler. These will make it such that the F150 can do the plowing well without it exerting too much strain on the car.

Things to do when snowplowing with an F150

  1. Direct the blade towards the curb to avoid damage to the truck
  2. Turn controls off when moving to and from the job site.
  3. Do not exceed 15 mph when plowing
  4. Make sure the blade does not block headlights when transporting.
  5. Monitor Temperature gauge and prevent overheating.
  6. Know your way and make sure there are no obstacles lying around.
  7. Be mindful of fellow road users
  8. Put on your seat belt while plowing
  9.  If you are reversing, make sure to turn your head to get a clear view of where you are going.
  10. At the end of the day, lower your blade in order to keep your hydraulics in good shape.

It is important to note this job requires one to be alert and focused so it is bet to do this while you are well-rested and sober.

Can snow plowing damage my Ford F150?

If you use the recommended trim packages for snow plowing there should not be any damage to your car’s drivetrain or any other mechanics. The transmission, alternator, and tires are very dependent on weight; if it loads too heavy, it could badly affect the truck. A 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine would not be appropriate, as the blades would block airflow to the turbocharger intercooler.

Conclusion on ford f150 snow plow

The Ford F150 is capable of snow plowing but certain adjustments have to be made so the vehicle can perform the task. A particular engine, drive and tires are advisable for snowplowing.

The plow can cost from a few hundred bucks to thousands depending on the purpose. When carrying out the task it is prudent to stay alert and cautious so as not to endanger yourself or others. If you follow Ford’s recommendations there should be little to no damage to your vehicle.


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