F 150 Limited vs Platinum (Ford Trims Explained)

f150 limited vs platinum

When it comes to luxury, class, and functionality, the F150 Limited and Platinum are pretty much the apexes. They are the top tier in terms of offering the best that the F150 has to offer.

In this article, we will be making a comparison of the two to see the pros and cons of each. These 2 trims represent the upper echelons of the F150 model as far as top-of-the-range features are concerned.

These include the best engine, technology, and finishing in order to give you the best of the best on offer. By comparison, the Limited has a more powerful engine, better tech and by extension a higher purchase price. We will get into this a bit more but first, let us look at the difference between the 2 trims.

What is the difference between the Ford F150 Limited and Platinum?

To put it plainly, when you buy a Limited, you will get all the features and capability of the Platinum plus some additional features as standard. It also has to be noted that the features that the Platinum lacks can be added on as options making the 2 nearly identical in most ways.

These 2 options are definitely the pinnacle of Ford’s pickup lines in terms of luxury and functionality. After having their butts kicked by Dodge when it comes to luxury, we can safely say they responded well with these two.

Limited vs Platinum Ford F150 Comparison Table

F150 PlatinumF150 Limited
20 inch tires22 inch tires
360° camera360° camera
Powered tail gatePowered tail gate
Tail gate work surfaceTail gate work surface
x 140v power outletx 140v power outlet (Powerboost)
Black and brown leather and suede interior finishBlue and cream leather interiorfinish
Heated back seatsHeated back seats
Power outlet and climate control on the backPower outlet and climate control on the back
Cool Branding on SteeringLimited branding on steering
5.0 V8 option3.5 EcoBoost engine

Asides from the features above, the other thing that is different between the 2 is the grill. There is a distinct difference when you look at them. The other thing you will also notice is that the Limited has its name across the front part of the hood while the Platinum only has that on the tailgate.

Which is more expensive Limited or Platinum?

I am sure you’ve already figured it out because it’s pretty much straightforward. You will pay significantly more for the full-featured Limited addition. The 2021 Ford F150 Limited costs just under $74,000 while the F150 Platinum is just under $59,000.

Is the Ford f150 Platinum worth it?

I would have to answer that by saying that it’s definitely worth the investment. In comparison to lower trims, the Platinum comes in and offers so much more in the way of looks, features and performance.

There is a lot to love about it and it takes the F150 up a notch in the luxury discussion that it seemed to underperform in.

Though it sits lower than the limited when it comes to features, you have the option to pick and choose what you want; an option not available in the Limited. If there’s something that would set it apart, this is it.

Is the Ford F150 Limited Worth it?

If you are looking for a rugged truck that offers all the necessary grit while offering luxury at the same time, this is definitely a worthy investment. The Limited is your opportunity to “get it all”.

If there’s a feature that you like in any of the F150 trims not available in others, the F150 will have it. It is fully decked out with everything and the price says it.

That would be the only limitation you could speak of when you compared it to the other trims. There’s also the possibility that, especially regarding the technology, you may most likely use all of the features it comes with. That seems like a good problem to have. You however can’t get away from the fact that’s a great conversation starter.

Is Ford limited better than platinum?

If we look at the tech, the Limited stands out. It would seem that is the case with the engine too. The Limited comes with a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 diesel engine that provides greater power than the standard 5.0 V8 on the Platinum. It also offers superior gas mileage. The only area that Platinum may win out is the better price.


I hope this post has helped you come to a better understanding of what these 2 options have to offer. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what exactly you require from your F150 and how deep your pockets are.

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