Are F150 and F250 Doors the Same? (Things to Know)

Are F150 and F250 doors the same?

The Ford F150 and F250 are Ford’s most popular vehicles with the F150 ranking higher. The F150 and F250 are American-made and for the most part, share a lot of similarities.

They even have similar cab sizes making them identical cars with differences in performance and interiors. The F250 is also built for rough environments.

With that in mind, would it be possible to replace the door of an F250 with that of an F150?

The doors of the F150 and F250 are the same if we consider the models between 1987 and 1999.  The newer models have the same size doors for the same cab style except for the SuperCrew which has slightly longer doors. For the regular, double, and crew cabs the door sizes are the same.

This is according to the specification sheets of both vehicles.

What are the similarities between the F150 and F250?

The headroom, legroom, and some of the interior fittings are exactly the same. The cars share the same entertainment system and safety features from the car manufacturer.

The two cars have the same spray-in bed liner and SYNC infotainment system. In terms of safety, it sends an SOS post-crash alert which helps inform emergency service in case you are incapacitated and in need of aid.

The identical cab configurations make it possible to change certain elements between the two vehicles. The two cars share the same 4×2 system and well as the 4×4 and added to it the same kind of adjustable seat. Even though the F250 is a more powerful car.

The F150 is built to be able to work ideally on the simpler mundane daily tasks of the day. It can handle the more light-duty tasks of a construction site but when it comes to the more demanding tasks you turn to the more adept F250.

The F250 is a more heavy-duty truck and more specialized to handle the tougher jobs at a construction site. The interior of the F150 uses cloth seating whereas the seats on an F250 use trimmed vinyl. The two cars use different engines and the power requirement from each of the cars is different.

The F150 has 5 engine options and conversely, the F250 only has two. The two vehicles vary in their tow capacity by a margin of over 4000lbs. While the two-vehicle have the same infotainment system they have different types of speakers; the F150 has the B and O Play while the F250 has the Sony audio system.

Both sound systems are 10-speaker though. The other major difference that makes the two vehicles differ in the sizes is that although both cars of 8” beds they differ in the other bed sizes. The F250 has another 6.75” bed while the F150 has 5.5” and 6.5”.

How do earlier model F-series differ from current ones?

The older model F series was made in a pretty much cookie-cutter way. Most of the parts in those earlier models could be interchangeable.

This was in the early 87 to 99 but as more electrical wiring and successive technologies were added to the vehicle this became more difficult. Vehicles in the 21st century have electronics incorporated in them meaning you might actually find it difficult to replace a door from the same car this year with one from the previous year.

Alteration even includes the hinges used to hold to doors to the frame of the car. This goes to show, as technology progress it might get harder to find interchangeable frame parts. However, it is still financially more lucrative to make certain elements of the car the same way.

Conclusion on Super Duty Door Interchange

The doors on the F150 and F250 are similar and with a little modification to the hinges, one can use a door from the F250 on the F150. However, there are still electronics like the infotainment and some bed sizes that are still similar across the board.

On top of the cabs having similar dimensions, they also have some differences in their sizes and tow capacity. The successive innovations in the Auto industry will make parts more specific to the years they were made.

Even with the use of the doors from other models in the same year, you find that the wiring can still get annoying as the differences in the systems can be a hurdle.

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